Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Gun Box - Keep it Safe

Keep Your Family Double Safe

When we found out that we were pregnant one of the first things we thought of was, "I guess we're going to have to lock up all the guns now." Usually I keep one in my nightstand and his goes on the desk next to the bed when he gets home. Living in an city where burglaries and home invasions are fairly common, it is safer to be able to defend your family.

He started searching for a good option to have easy access to his weapon in case of emergencies, but to protect the kids from any kind of harm caused by accidents. Of course we will teach our children from a young age about gun safety and that they are never allowed to touch a gun unless one of us hands it to them. But, kids sometimes do stupid things (good thing adults outgrow that?) and there is no sense in being anything but safe when it comes to someone's life.

So, my husband was looking for something that could meet specific qualifications:

·         Something that kids couldn't get in to even if they tried
·         Something that would give him fast and easy access to his weapon at any time even if he is woken from sleep and it is dark in the room.
·         Something that is small enough to fit on or around his desk so he can reach it easily from bed.

He found The Gun Box.

Defend Responsibly

The catch phrase, "Defend Responsibly" makes perfect sense for this product and it is exactly what my husband was looking for. The Gun Box meets the requirements he set out as a perfect solution to the problems he identified, and had features that make it even better than he expected. It even incorporates technology! Tactical gear and technology combined; he's in love.

There are three different "levels" of The Gun Box. Each one has additional features, but the price increases as well. I hope this helps you to figure out which one best meets your needs.

Features Common to All Three Levels of The Gun Box


All three can be opened by response to an RFID chip. This technology uses specific individual codes that are embedded in a really tiny chip. They can be put in to stickers and lay flat. A lot of libraries are using this technology now to track their books. The way it works for the Gun Box is that each one comes with a chip with an individual code in a wristband. When the wristband is brought in to proximity with the box, it will open.

Basically, my husband can put the wrist band on when he has his gun locked up and then all it takes to open it is bringing his hand above the box. This is great for the middle of the night or in emergency situations. He can just open the box and not have to worry about remembering codes or lining up dials perfectly.

Opens real smooth, huh? And I think that might be his Pebble Smart Watch that he is wearing in the video but it is hard to tell.

USB Ports

If your man loves technology as much as mine, finding enough USB ports to plug everything in is always an issue (well until he installed one of these). The Gun Box has two USB ports so that accessories and devices can be plugged in to it. This is great for on a desk or next to a bed where things are often plugged in for charging.

Other Common Features to All Three

Here are some other cool features that all three of the Gun Boxes have:
·         Made of durable material – The way it is described on their website is "aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell". Guys love thinking their stuff is made out of fighter jets. It makes them feel manly.
·         Motion sensor – If someone does pick it up, play with it, move it or try to open it there is an alarm that goes off.
·         Battery backup – I liked this one because I thought, what's the point of it if someone is burgling your house and they cut the power first? (Why are the electrical boxes on the outside of houses in Arizona anyway? Doesn't make sense.) Then you can't get to your gun anyway if it needs power to open the box. They thought of this, so don't worry. (The battery will last 3 days without power.)
·         Mountable – It has holes that make it easy to mount the box upside down or sideways, whichever works best for your situation. My husband's just sits on a desk for now but it might get mounted under the bed. It is nice to have options.
·         Kensington lock port – I think that means that you can buy a separate cable and lock set to keep it even more secure in case someone tries to steal the box.
·         Assembled in America – Woohoo! 'Murica.

So if the features just described are enough for you, buy The Gun Box "RF". If you're looking for more, bump up about 20 bucks to the next level.

The Gun Box Biometric

In addition to all of the above features, this gun safe also includes a fingerprint scanner. Fancy! This one can open with the RFID chip in the bracelet, or by fingerprint identification. It can hold many different finger prints and can detect them at different angles. That is important for emergencies when it needs to open quickly and the finger might not be exactly centered or might be sideways.

The fact that it stores many prints is perfect because then your husband can use several different fingers, or different people's finger prints can be stored. So I have access to the gun even though he is wearing the bracelet. It is nice for anyone who doesn't feel like wearing the bracelet at home, as well. (On a side note, they were originally going to make it a ring instead of a bracelet but had problems with it in production. We might see that in the future as an option, though.)

The Gun Box Biometric is the one that we have, though we did consider the next step up. Maybe someday! It would be an amazing gift.

I put my hand in this picture to show scale, but then realized my hands are really small compared to most people, but the dimensions are given below. Note the red light in both of the pictures. I picked up the box to move it and of course, it has a motion sensor so the alarm went off. Again, the finger print does not need to be in this direction or place any certain way, the box will be able to read it. 

The Gun Box Premier

This one has all of the features of the two others, including the fingerprint scanner. It also adds security monitoring, tracking and electronic notifications. The Gun Box Premier has a GPS device inside so if it does get stolen it will be easy to track. That is a great feature if you are not home when your house is bugled. It will help the police to track this, all of your other stolen possessions, and the jerks who took them.

In addition to the audible alarm system, since this one has tracking and alert notifications it can be set up so that if someone is tampering or playing with it a message can be sent to your phone. This is a great feature for so many different reasons. You can know immediately if someone is in your house messing with your stuff. It helps protect your belongings as well as your children. The kids won't be able to get in, but it is really great to know if they even tried.

The Gun Box Premier is more expensive than the other two, but it has some really fantastic features. It has a $75 subscription fee paid annually. The purchase price includes the first year of service. The box can continue to be used without the service, but the special GPS tracking and alerts will shut off after the first year if the monitoring fee is not continued. Just like any home security system, they expect compensation for 24/7 service.

A Responsible Gift

The Gun Box is a great gift for anyone who wants to safely take care of their family. First, make sure his favorite gun will fit inside, and that the box will fit where he will likely put it.

Outside dimensions – 11.6"W x 10"H x 2.7"D
Inside dimensions – 8.9"W x 6.5"H x 1.5"D

There will probably be plenty of room for a gun (even with tactical flashlight attached), and a few other personal valuables. Some guys like to keep their keys or wallet inside if they fit so that when they open it in the morning they know to just take everything out to bring along with them so they don't forget anything.

The company offers military and law enforcement discounts, which is really nice of them. The website explains how to get them if you or your special guy qualify.
This is a great gift for expecting parents who are also responsible gun owners. It seems like all the baby shower gifts are cute and soft, the daddy will probably appreciate this more. It is also a good birthday, Christmas or any occasion present. It is very nice to get for a guy who is marrying a woman who might not be too enthusiastic about her man keeping guns in the house.

Most of the product reviews I write contain affiliate links as explained in the About section, for which I receive some compensation. While I believe in every product I review and only promote them with honest opinions, I am suggesting this one without any affiliate links. I wrote The Gun Box review because I just think it is a great product and important for safety.

In response to the great question about how to get in the box if all power is lost and the batteries are completely dead:
The batteries should last for up to three days, so if you sleep through the power going out or if you aren't home when it happens you should still have time to get in to the box.
However, if for some reason everything completely runs out of power you still have the option of getting in to the Gun Box. On the bottom of the box there is a small hole for the tiny wrench to fit in. With that you can turn it and the box will open. You have to remove a screw first to reveal the hole. The picture below is of the bottom of the Gun Box with the wrench in it for emergency opening.
Keep in mind that this gun box is designed to keep kids or other people away from the gun, but provide you with easy access to it. It is not a traditional gun safe that will force burglars to use a torch or other advanced tools to get inside.

Do you have any thoughts about gun safety in the home? Have you seen any products that work? What do you like about this one? Share your thoughts in the comments below!