Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Holy Coffee!

Good Coffee can be a Spiritual Experience
There is a group of cloistered monks in the state of Wyoming who pray, work, study, meditate, and sell amazing coffee. I was doing a little more research about these Carmelite monks and realized they are pretty much the Jedi of the Catholic Church. They wear brown robes (kind of like the Jedi bathrobe but even cooler) and are prayer warriors in their own little community.

I was first introduced to Mystic Monk Coffee by my brother who won a box of the Monk Shots (Mystic Monk brand specific K-cups for Keurig coffee makers) from his local radio station. At first he thought, "Oh that's nice that they have a trade to help support their monastic lifestyle." But after he tried it he realized that like many other monks they don't just make an ordinary product, they provide a really great product and supporting a good cause isn't the only reason to buy it.

What do they sell?

The main product line these Jedi Monks sell contains a variety of coffees. They sell the K-Cups for individual mugs, ground coffee, and whole beans. There are several different flavors, roasts, blends, and caffeine levels to suit anyone's taste. My dad loves the dark roast. I'm excited about the fact that they have decaf, yay I can actually drink some! And my husband sometimes enjoys flavored coffees like caramel.

Some of the blends are named in keeping with the Catholic theme. They have "Vespers Decaf" and "Midnight Vigils Blend". This adds to the novelty and the fun. There is even a little picture of a prayerful monk on the box.

They do warn that their K-Cups have more coffee than the typical ones, so they are perfect if you like a stronger cup of coffee, or else just make 10 ounces instead of 8 ounces.

The monks also sell a variety of teas. My only complaint is that it comes in tea bags instead of loose leaf tea, so we don’t get to use the Death Star Tea Infuser, but there is nothing wrong with tea bags. They are convenient. Their tea has cute names and bold flavors.

Gifts and Accessories
In addition to the delicious coffees and teas they also have mugs and gift sets available. The assorted sizes of mugs or travel mugs have the Mystic Monk logo on them, which is pretty cool. There are sweet treats like chocolate covered cherries and other candies as well. All are made with the same eye for quality as the coffee.

They also sell rosaries, religious books, medals, statues, holy water fonts, and other spiritual gift items. There is something for everyone.

A really nice gift to give is a coffee of the month or other type of subscription. This way the gift keeps coming every month as a reminder of your love. The price is a little lower overall if you buy a subscription, too.

Building Project
If you're interested in what the monks are doing with the profits, you can have a look at their building project. There are so many men interested in joining their religious order that they have to expand their structure. It is going to be a really cool place in a beautiful area. Click here to learn more about the building project.

Great Gift Idea

This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys coffee or tea. Isn't that everyone? Of course, it is a great add-on present if you are purchasing a Keurig coffee pot for your man. Get him the Keurig for his birthday and then a subscription or box of Mystic Monk Coffee for the next occasion. You will really make his morning ritual special. (His afternoon ritual, too, if he is an all day coffee drinker!)

If you aren't sure what type of coffee is his favorite, there are sample packs available. Then you can figure out which one he loves and load up on that for the next gift. The fact that this coffee is unique and quite high quality makes it a very special gift for anyone who enjoys drinking coffee.

What about your man? What is his favorite type of coffee? Have you ever tried Mystic Monk Coffee? Tell us about it in the comments below!