Sunday, February 2, 2014

Infuse His Hot Beverage with a Little Star Wars

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

For a Manly Cup of Tea

Somehow saying, "Would you fancy a nice mug of organic chamomile flower tea, my dear?" is a lot different than saying, "Do you want me to use your Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser to make you something to drink?"

My husband likes drinking tea, but somehow he likes it a lot more when he puts the little flower buds and bits of strawberry in to a stainless steel Death Star shaped infuser. It is pretty cool, actually. It functions well, opens easily, and has stayed looking new even though many uses. The end of the little chain is even shaped like a little TIE Fighter.

Loose leaf teas seem to be gaining popularity, and fancy jars of tea make nice gifts. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised when we started drinking loose leaf instead of bags of tea and realized that it really does taste a lot better.

Fun Gift Idea

This is a great present for anyone who likes to drink tea and is a little bit nerdy. It is also a great add-on gift if you are buying him a Keurig and want to make it even more special and personal. Throw in a Jedi Bathrobe and you've given someone special the gift of a wonderful relaxing (yet geeky) way to spend every morning. The best part of giving this gift is when he lets you use it, too.

If your special guy is just starting to get interested in loose leaf teas, you could get him a sampler set as part of the gift with this infuser. I think this is the set we got for a wedding present, and it has many delicious flavors in it with several caffeine levels. Or if you already know he likes green tea, you could get him some Gunpowder Green. Now that is a great name for tea that a guy should drink.
What kind of tea does your man like to drink? Do you think this infuser could get him to drink more tea? Please share your experiences in the comments below!