Saturday, February 1, 2014

This Gift Will Be a Big Hit

If You Want to Make a Big Impression with a Gift

This sword is huge. It is ridiculous, really. So if you have someone in your life that needs an absurd gift, this is probably the thing for them. Also maybe a grappling hook, or a treasure chest, but this is a good place to start. I mean, really...55 ½" long.

I first became interested in this sword by watching this video with my husband and brother.

And, while my husband enjoys weapons of any sort, he is just not giant enough to wield this beast. However, my brother is. We don't know a lot of people who are 6'7" and really strong, but it seems like everyone who is sizable enough to be able to handle this sword should have one. My husband and I talked about it for awhile and found an opportunity to get one at a decent price, so we decided to get it for my brother.

We gave it to him as a wedding party gift (he was one of the groomsmen as well as our DJ). Our only regret is that we couldn't get a special scabbard made in time for him to wear it on his back at our wedding. (This sword is too large for anyone to wear at the waist.)

Uses and Occasions

This sword is awesome. It comes very sharp and ready to cut just about anything in half. While it is technically not really ideal for home defense (it would be hard to swing it in any enclosed space because of the length) it is very intimidating so it is a decent crime deterrent. It is also good for costume parties or renaissance fairs. In general, it is a really fun grown-up toy. (A toy that actually functions, and is dangerous so be careful.)

As mentioned above, this is a great gift for any extra large man in your life who is interested in unique gifts. You probably won't get too many opportunities to give this gift, so take advantage if you can. The Cold Steel Two Handed Great Sword will make a big impression that he will never forget, and he will love to show it off to his friends.