Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fizzy Drinks on Demand

Bubble Drinks!

We love saving money. Who doesn't? We also don't like to consume a lot of sugar in our house. My husband will have a cream soda every now and then if they are on sale, but we aren't big soda drinkers. So why did we want a Sodastream?

Awhile back we discovered what we now call "bubble drink". It is a simple mixture of lemon juice, lime juice, and club soda or whatever bottled bubble water is available that doesn't have a lot of additives. We put in some ice cubes or salt on occasion as well. I was surprised at how much my husband enjoys these drinks since I'm the one who quit sugar and is always encouraging him to do the same.

He often sips these homemade bubble drinks with dinner, or if he isn't feeling too well. Bubbles feel good on a sore throat.

We received the Sodastream as a wedding present, and my husband immediately started doing research and math to see if it would be more efficient to keep the machine or to continue to buy bottles of carbonated water. It came out to be cheaper to use the machine, and likely more convenient. The Sodastream reviews are good as well.


The basic idea of the Sodastream is that it adds carbonation to your water, and then you add whatever flavor you like to that water. You can mix and match or make your own creations. They sell bottles of flavored liquids that will make your drink in to popular beverage types like cola, diet cola, "Dr. Pete", or other knock-offs. Using these will save money over buying cans or 2 liters of the actual premade soda and gives you more options to satisfy different tastes.

It comes with a carbonation cylinder that can be exchanged at Target or other retailers. The whole process is a cheaper way to make bubbly drinks and produces less waste than purchasing cans and bottles, if you're in to that kind of thing.

Ultimate Drink Control

This appliance offers the user complete control to make his drink exactly how he likes it. Pressing the carbonation button a couple extra times will make it bubblier, or fewer times for the guy who doesn’t like strong carbonation. The flavors can be mixed to make unique drinks, and just about anything can be added to the carbonated water to make it into a new favorite. This definitely offers a lot more choices than the soda aisle at the grocery store.

Healthier Alternatives

Sometimes it is nice to have a bubbly drink without all the added sugar or chemicals. I love this for my husband because, as mentioned above, he is willing to give up regular sugary sodas in favor of lemon-lime flavored bubble juice.

If your man is in to eating Paleo or Primal type diets, this is a good way to enjoy a flavored beverage that he has control over the ingredients. One good treat is to carbonate the water with the Sodastream and then to just add a very small amount of 100% fruit juice. It is similar to the lemon and lime flavored drinks I described, but they can be any fruit flavor. For people who don't consume much sugar only a small amount of juice is needed to make a delicious beverage.

Another delicious drink is to make a bubble juice out of any flavor (orange and grape are our favorites) and then add some coconut milk or heavy whipping cream and ice cubes. Stir it up with a bendy straw. Everything is better with a bendy straw. This is a great homemade Italian Ice style drink.

Great Gift

This is a very versatile gift. It doesn't take up much space on the counter. It saves time, money, and waste. A Sodastream is great for the soda enthusiast who drinks several 2 liters a week because it will save him money. It is also good for someone who likes a special beverage but wants to make it healthier. The occasional soda drinker will appreciate it as well because he can make his drink on demand and consume it before it loses fizziness. Sodastream is a great gift for the entire spectrum of soda drinkers.

Sodastream is a great gift for just about any occasion. It is easy to use and the instructions are simple to follow. It comes in a few different colors to match any kitchen, bar, or man cave.

Do you have any great bubble drink recipes? We would love to hear about them or your own Sodastream review in the comments below!