Friday, February 7, 2014

Life is a Game

The Gift of Productivity

You know that long list if things your guy has that he always wants to get done but never has time for? It has a list of projects and things to do around the house, or books to read and other things to catch up on. Now there is a way to give him the motivation to get all of those things done!

How to Play

Habit RPG is an online game that is directly influenced and controlled by real life actions. If you are familiar with any adventure type video games you will see how this game works just like them. In the video games you are the main character, often joined up with other characters who join your group or party. Together or individually you follow a story, go on quests, fight bad guys, find items and pets, and gain experience for your character so it can be stronger and fight tougher enemies.

Habit RPG incorporates all of these ideas in to a real life based game. In the video games you gain experience and level your character in different ways. Often it involves doing mundane tasks like killing a whole lot of the same poor creature over and over again. Sometimes the tasks are more difficult and involve more steps to complete. These are usually worth more points and you can usually gain cool items from them.

Habit RPG uses these same concepts to help you to complete tasks and to form good habits in your life. To gain experience you can do tasks like remembering to floss your teeth every day, by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, reading a chapter of that book you've been meaning to finish, or any other thing you are working on improving. The game also has built in quests where you can fight bad guys by completing items on a to do list, and even join up with real life friends or family members to fight the enemy together!

To get started you put things in either as "Habit", "Daily", or "To Do". An example of a Habit might be "Put the toilet seat down" and every time you do it you get to hit the plus button which earns you XP (experience) gold, and maybe an item. But, every time you walk out of the bathroom without doing it you have to do the minus button, which causes you to lose points from your health bar. If you lose all 50 points then you lose a level.

If you put something under "Daily" you can set it to be required to be done every day or just certain days of the week. An example could be "Go for a walk." Then if you go for a walk you get XP and other rewards. If you don't walk that day then you lose health. If you are in a group with other people and working on the same quest they will lose points if you don't do your "dailies" too, so it is even more motivation to get them done!

Placing something on a "To do" list leaves it open ended unless you put a deadline on it. So if you don't get to it for a few weeks you won't lose points. "To Do" items typically grant more experience points upon completion. You can also determine if each activity is Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty. This will affect how much experience you earn as well as how much damage you take if it is an incomplete daily or a habit that you failed to comply with.

You can get different outfits, equipment, weapons, and pets. You can even feed your pets enough to become mounts! There are a lot more details to it, but that is basically the gist. It is a game where you level up your character while you're improving yourself as a person.

Getting Stuff Done

This game has helped to get a lot of tasks done, and has made our relationship less stressful. Instead of saying, "Honey can you please do this for me?" I can just say, "Do you think you could add this quest to your Habit RPG To Do list? It is probably a hard one so you'll get lots of XP." It makes trimming hedges and poisoning weeds worth doing instead of dreading.

Pretty soon he will start looking for things to do around the house that can earn him experience points. It is a great motivator and lots of fun. I know a lot of people who have been flossing their teeth every day for several weeks now because of it. Who does that, really?

It is a way for the whole family to work together to defeat the enemy of Laziness and to have fun completing tasks that would otherwise be kind of a pain. Life is more of an adventure!

Where Does the Gift Come In?

Habit RPG is free to play, but they offer a subscription that gives bonuses that help make playing more fun! The subscription is only $5 per month.

·         Disables Ads - There are some ads to help keep up on the maintenance and development of the site. Buying the subscription removes them from the page.
·         Allows Purchase of Gems with Gold – Gold is found every time a task is completed. It can be used to purchase new equipment or other rewards. Gems are used to purchase extra special things like different clothes, skin colors, and quest scrolls. Buying the subscription makes it so the player can use the gold they find to buy gems to buy these fun items.
·         Retain Full History Entries – The website keeps a short history of completed "to do" items and information about habit formation and daily completion. Non-subscriber information is consolidated or deleted after a certain amount of time to save space on their servers. A subscriber has full access to their history in graphs and to export to other programs.
·         Daily Drop-Caps Doubled – There is a limit to the number of items a user can find each day. No matter how many tasks they complete they will only be able to find a certain number of pet eggs, hatching potions or food. This number is doubled for subscribers. That is a huge bonus for people who enjoy the little pets and mounts. (They really are so cute.)
·         Supports the Developers – The money goes to supporting further development to help make the game better, and rewards the people who have put so much time and effort in to creating it. This is a feel-good point to buying the subscription.

Overall, the subscription makes the game more fun to play which makes getting things done much easier. He will find the subscription fun and helpful. It isn't much money so it is a nice inexpensive gift idea.

This is a nice gift for anyone who appreciates video games and wishes he got more done in real life. It is good for the guy who likes to see direct results and rewards of their work. (That's all guys right?) This gift will only work for guys with a computer and internet access. There is an app for Smartphones, but it is much easier to set everything up on the computer.

This is outstanding for adults as well and kids. My niece and nephew are really excited that they are in our party. They look forward to getting things done and it helps them to strive to be better at school. It is a good way to remind kids to get their chores done. A boy of any age will work harder at anything in order to get a bigger virtual sword and an outfit that makes their little cartoon guy look tough.

I tried to get a direct link to the subscription page, but I guess you have to have an account first. They are also introducing group and family rates to get the subscription benefits for your whole party! You can look at the Group Plans here

You can see my little character on the side of this page. My husband created a program to make it appear on a website and show which animals I'm using right now and what outfit I'm wearing.  Here is a picture of my husband's character right now. He has a golden gryphon, a shield that looks like a skull, and a smoking sword. He kind of looks like a ninja. He has been getting a lot done to earn all of these cool items.

What do you think? Will this help your husband, son, boyfriend or friend get their work done? What is your experience with old fashioned to do lists, and how would it compare to this? Please share in the comments below!