Monday, February 10, 2014

USB Wall Outlet

You Can't Spell "Husband" without "USB"

It seems like everything is charged by a USB cable these days. Well if you are looking for a gift for your husband or boyfriend that will make charging all of his electronics easier, consider a USB wall outlet. Most of the time things that need to be charged by USB cord need to be plugged in to a computer or to have an adapter to plug in to the wall.

The product I'm suggesting replaces the regular electrical outlet in the wall with one that accommodates both traditional plugs and USB cords. There are several designs of these types of outlets. Some replace one of the traditional plugs with two USB ports, some replace both, and still others just add two USB ports but still have two normal outlets. That is the type my husband has and enjoys.

They are not hard to replace, or at least it was easy for me. He just showed me when he was done, but my husband isn't an electrician or anything so it must not have been too difficult. They come in different colors to match the ones you already have or to match the electronics. It is also nice because some computers don't like to charge things when they are off. With this device he can charge everything and have his computer off at night.

Gift for Guys

This is a great gift for anyone who has several gadgets that require USB adapters to plug in. Power sources are a hot commodity around most guys' desks these days. This is also nice to have in a living room or a kitchen so that he can charge his phone or other device without having to leave it in the office or bedroom where he would typically charge it at night.

Although this isn't a really exciting review, and it isn't a terribly exciting product, it is very useful and very convenient. He will really appreciate it if he is having power source issues. It is a simple idea that makes a lot of sense for guys with an ever expanding collection of electronics.

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