Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Pebble Smart Watch is a Smart Gift

My husband has several watches so when he bought the Pebble Smart Watch I wasn't surprised. I was surprised that he actually uses it and has forsaken all of his other watches. (Although, he hasn't sold them yet.) This watch must be really remarkable to end the daily debate of, "Which watch should I wear today?"

What is so special about this watch?

In case you haven't heard of it or read any other Pebble Smart Watch reviews, the basic idea is that it is a watch that connects wirelessly to your cell phone using a Bluetooth signal. As if we aren't already too attached to our cell phones as it is, right? But, the men love it for lots of reasons.

·         Two-Way Communication with Phone – The phone sends updates to the watch about text messages, emails, phone calls, Facebook messages and anything else he chooses. He doesn't even have to take it out of his pocket to read the text. All the important features of different apps can be controlled on the watch.
·         More Polite & Convenient – My husband is often on call for his job. I appreciate this watch because it is much more polite to look down at his watch and push a button to decline an incoming phone call if it isn't important than it is to pull his phone out and check. It draws less attention. He can even read my text messages when he is in meetings at work. Granted, he can't respond until he can take his phone out, but it is nice that I can contact him in an emergency or just to text sweet nothings.
·         Looks Good for Any Occasion – My husband has the black one, but there are lots of colors like red, white, grey and even skins to protect and change the color. (Skins come in many different colors including brushed aluminum, silver carbon fiber, red carbon fiber, glossy green, and glossy blue.) He wears his all the time. He even wore it to a formal event and it looked good. They say you can wear it to work out as well, but he hasn't done that.
·         Plugs in to Charge – Instead of having to constantly buy those little expensive batteries this watch just plugs in to charge. The company says it lasts 5-7 days without a charge. I know my husband can go at least three, but he usually charges it up along with his phone at night anyway.
·         Change the Look – The watch face itself can be changed to a lot of different things. My husband had one for awhile that looked like a Star Trek computer console. There are lots of various styles that can be downloaded constantly free of charge. That makes it a little more fun. Guys love customizing their gadgets.
·         Control Music – Just about anything on the smart phone can be set up to be controlled on this watch. It is really convenient for music (even Pandora) because if the phone is in a pocket or armband for working out he won't have to pull it out and look at it to change a song or setting. (That's what I would use it for, my husband isn't much in to working out.)
·         Male Bonding – It is funny, but true. On several occasions I have witnessed spontaneous male bonding because of this watch. A water purification system salesman, the desk clerk at an oil change shop, a waiter, and even some strangers have randomly commented by saying, "Is that the Pebble watch?" Immediately he grins because he gets to show off this toy and what it can do. The boys are BFFs from then on.

Some other things to note:
·         If you send the little Emoji pictures in a text message they show up as squares on the watch, but he can still see them on the phone.
·         It will work with iOS (Apple products) and Android phones. There is a complete list in the details on the webpage linked here but basically it works with any of the more recent operating systems.
·         The screen is dark until you shake it slightly or until it gets a message. This helps with battery life and it looks good.
·         Vibration alerts can be turned on or off.
·         The charging cable is included and can be plugged in to anything that accepts a USB cable. Typically that means a computer or a USB wall adapter (that is usually what is used to charge an iPhone, or a USB wall outlet reviewed here).

This is a great gift for…

Buy this for any man who loves watches and technology. (That's all of them, isn't it?) Make sure he has a compatible smart phone first, but this is nice for husband, boyfriend, dad, brother or any other special guy. It is a really nice gift for any occasion. The price is right for a watch, especially compared to some of the other watches these guys buy, and it can do so much more!

This Valentine's Day if you are asking yourself, "Which watch should I buy for my husband?" The Pebble Smart Watch is the answer. Now you will just have to figure out which color he would like best!

Oh! And by the way, if you want one for yourself they have separate skins you can buy in pink and purple.