Thursday, February 6, 2014

Not Just Ordinary Underwear

Unicorn Underwear

Men are funny about their underwear. Even though they just have multiples of the same style in different colors they still make sure to rotate through them properly so one doesn't wear out faster than the rest. Won't they all wear out at the same time then? Anyway, underwear is probably something most men don't think about much unless there is something truly remarkable about them.

My husband had a couple pair of these special boxer briefs before I even met him. I was at the BX (Base Exchange-the store on an Air Force base) with our mutual friend one day, and my guy asked me to check to see if they had these Under Armour underwear. (Hey, tax free on base!) When my friend and I saw the price we were both baffled because we know my man to be a frugal person. Why would he spend that much on one pair of underwear? Granted, he only had a couple pair at that time, but still…

"They must be hand made out of unicorn hair or something!"

This was just one of the explanations that my friend and I came up with for spending over $10 a pair for men's underoos. Still, I bought a pair for my then boyfriend, and my friend got a pair for himself to try out. My friend reported back to me that they were indeed worth every penny and more, and our guess about being made out of unicorn hair was accurate. Thus, they became "unicorn underwear".

Since that time my husband has replaced all of his under clothes with unicorn underwear. It was a slow process. He found lots of really great colors and added them to his wish list. His dream of throwing away all inferior under garments came true this past Christmas when mother and mother-in-law came through in a big way and got him several pair.

The Low Down on the Down Low

These boxer brief style underwear are made out of some breathable blend of polyester/Elastane…whatever that is, they are stretchy but breathe and are soft. They stay in place and he doesn't crawl up the crack. The stitching is designed to prevent irritation in the sensitive areas.

They provide support enough for working out, but are excellent for everyday use as well. They are moisture wicking to give that fresh clean feeling all day. I'm told these are comfortable with any types of pants or shorts. They last a long time even with regular use and wear.

Some important things to keep in mind when shopping for your man:

·         Make sure the ones you select have the easy access hole so he can go potty without pulling his pants down. (Unless your guy doesn't like that.) All of the links on this page lead to ones with the opening fly.
·         They come in three different lengths. 3, 6 or 9 inch. The guys I know like the 6" but you can probably guess based on how long his current underwear are. This number indicates how far the leg part goes down past the crotch area. (I mostly just wanted to write crotch, but it is still accurate.)
·        Most people say these are true to size with other underwear, but some say they run small. The guys I know personally use compatible sizes. (They are small, medium, large etc sizes instead of using measurements.)
·         They also make these out of some other material called "charged cotton". My husband tried one set of these and didn't like them as much. Yours might, but just be aware when you're shopping.

Personal Experience

After my husband completed his collection this Christmas and was able to toss out all the ratty old underwear he realized he even had enough to replace some of the unicorn underwear he had had for over five years. The elastic was starting to get a little lose, though they were still wearable.

Since he was going to throw them away anyway I decided to try them out as pajamas. I had discovered years ago that wearing men's pajama pants was more comfortable. (Is there some conspiracy to make all men's clothes more comfortable than all women's clothes? Is that why we always take their sweatshirts and old ratty clothes for ourselves?)

So I tried them on and they were really soft and comfortable. I don't know where the seams fall on manly parts, but they were really comfortable for womanly parts. They aren't anything I would wear as real underwear but they were soft and cozy for wearing to bed. They disappeared after one night of me doing this, so I'm guessing my husband didn't like the way dude underwear looked on me. I don't blame him, they felt better than they looked.

As a Gift

Of course, this is a more personal item. You have to at least know what size he wears. This is a really great present for pampering your husband, or treating your son to something special. They are good for any underwear worthy holiday. They are probably even good Valentine's Day or Anniversaries where you give something a little more intimate. Or, if he is a comfortable guy then he won't mind at all if his mother-in-law gets them for him for Christmas.

They come in a lot of really great colors, I just couldn't get the pictures to show up properly on this page. Check out the links to see the selections, though!

Do you know anyone with special taste in under garments? What do you think about giving underwear as a gift? Share with us in the comments below!