Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cordies Keep Cables Under Control

"Argh! Can you come here and grab this cord while I go under the desk and feed it up to you?"

Does your man hate it when his USB cables or headphone cords slip off the desk in to the netherworld underneath? It is so hard to keep them organized! And finding them when you need them without a flashlight and mining equipment is sometimes impossible, depending how cluttered the under desk is. (Is that a Mountain Dew bottle and a half eaten bag of Cheatos?)

Well, the good people at Quirky have come up with a logical and simple solution to organizing cables and cords on a desk. Cordies are an invention that prevents a lot of hassle and makes a work space look much neater.

Basically it holds the cords in place, right where they are attached and the slack hangs down the back of the desk area. This can be useful not only for a desk but a nightstand as well. It is very handy for phone cords so you don't have to search for them on the floor or behind a table when it is time to plug in before going to bed.

They come in assorted colors to match any taste or d├ęcor. Cordies are a great gift for just about anyone. The receiver of this present will think you are so clever for coming up with the idea for them. It is functional and affordable. Take a quick glance at his desk to see if he has cord control issues for all of his many electronics, and you'll know you are getting him a fantastic gift.

Black and White versions are shown above. The Metal version is a couple bucks more, but it looks really good with most computers, especially Apple products. (Shown and linked in the picture directly below.)

And, of course, since we love colors here at Gift Reviews for Guys, they also have Blue and Pink available. Get one for yourself and for your husband!

Do you know of any other great uses for this simple device? Share your thoughts about that or anything else in the comments below!