Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Outstanding Wireless Scanner

The Magical Wireless Scanner

As I mentioned in my printer review my husband didn't want an all in one printer/scanner/fax mostly because he already had a scanner. Now you get to hear about how wonderful his scanner is, and should be for the price. He bought it before we were married and I didn't even think to ask how much it cost. He is really happy with it, and we've both come to agree that it was worth the price. There are several reasons why.

·         Wireless – Using this scanner is extremely convenient. He can use it anywhere, home or away. He can use it anywhere in the house and isn't stuck near his computer. We had decided to go totally paperless with all of our records and filing so he grabbed stacks of papers that needed to be scanned and could just watch a movie while he was doing it instead of having to sit at the desk.
·         Portable – Okay, that is kind of the same thing as wireless, but the point is that he can use it anywhere. He has this app he uses to track valuables for insurance claim purposes. So he takes a picture of the item, scans in the receipt for it and puts it all in to the program. This scanner has saved him hours while trying to document all of our belongings.
·         Small – If your tech junky guy is like mine, desk space is a hot commodity. Not only does the size make it easy for him to take it anywhere, it doesn't take up a huge portion of the desk area when it is not in use.
·         High Quality Scans – We have used this to scan in a lot of signed documents to email to different companies and they always look really good.
·         Easily Compatible – Transferring the files is easy with any type of computer or even phones and tablets. Basically you can have electronic copies of any piece of paper on any device quickly and easily no matter where you are.
·         Legal Sized Documents – The Doxie Go can scan legal sized documents. Those are the papers that are extra long that you signed a million of if you ever bought a house.
·         Rechargeable Battery – The battery recharges with a USB connection so it can be connected to a computer or a wall outlet adapter. (Like the ones that come with an iPhone, or a USB Wall outlet, read a review here.) My husband has used it for scanning receipts for several hours and the battery didn't run out, so it lasts a good long time. The company's official word on the charge is that it lasts for 100 scans.
·         PDF Compatible – Documents can be saved as a PDF file and then are searchable for particular words. That really comes in handy for certain tasks.
·         Good Software – It will automatically correct it if the paper is loaded slightly crooked. It also rotates and crops documents easily. It is very easy to use.

I needed some better explanation about how the wireless feature worked. So basically as it comes in the box, without buying anything else it can scan and hold up to 600 pages without having to be plugged in to a computer.

Then if you purchase an Eye-Fi card then it will transfer as you scan. Or, if the computer or device isn't on at the time it will transfer everything wirelessly so you never have to plug anything in. Guys love wireless everything.

Very Nice Gift
This is a perfect gift for someone who works in a home office, or who does a lot of office work on the go. As with my husband, it is great for anyone who is trying to live a paperless life, or who simply trusts electronic copies of documents more than paper copies. The recipient should be at least somewhat tech savvy. It is really easy for someone who knows how to use this sort of thing, but might be a little more difficult for those not used to technology.

It isn't the most romantic gift ever, but it is very practical and useful. Yes, it is a scanner, but it has some really great features that make it nice enough to give as a thoughtful and special gift. New jobs, promotions, working from home, college, or even a birthday are all good occasions for giving this scanner.

What do you think? Has your guy ever had a bad scanner experience? Has he used this scanner or wanted one like it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!