Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nerdy Deals

Here are some really great deals for the nerdy guy on your shopping list. The sales go through March 2, 2014, but there are some links to great products if you find this post too late. 

Buy 2, Get 1 Free Apparel

Buy 2, get 1 free is a really fun deal! Check out some of the apparel below. There are others, but I personally suggest these.
Blue Sun
Blue Sun T-Shirt for your Firefly fan. My husband loves this shirt. It is usually only recognized by true Firefly or Serenity fans, but he does get comments from them sometimes. It is a unique color so it isn't exactly like all his other T-Shirts.

  Crest of Hyrule
Crest of Hyrule T-Shirt for your Zelda playing man. They also offer a baby-doll style shirt in case you and your guy are in to matching outfits. (Don't mock us! It is really funny to hear comments about our matching nerd shirts.)

Bazinga! T-Shirt for your Big Bang Theory loving guy. I've never seen the show, but my husband gets a kick out of this shirt.

And, he will appreciate this gift for you just as much as you will. The "I Am R2-D2 Ladies' Tunic Tank" is really cute, and wearing it is a treat for him. So go ahead and buy one for yourself! My husband bought it for me to wear on our honeymoon. I like how it is extra long. I don't like shirts that get short and wide and show off the belly. This one hides the crack in the back and belly in the front and is fun!  

I Am R2-D2 Ladies' Tunic Tank

Don't forget to get him a Jedi Bathrobe, or a Sith Bathrobe if he is so inclined. Check out my Jedi Bathrobe review here.

Save up to 50% Off Tools, Gadgets, Survival
There are some really great sales on tools, gadgets, and survival stuff as well. Check those out for a guy who is practical yet nerdy. Or, have a look around for a gift for your zombie hunter.

Don't forget to read my Force FX Lightsaber review and check out the Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser review as well. 

I will write a full review on the Pivot Power products from Quirky soon, but for now check it out on sale!
Pivot Power - Articulated Power Strip is a great gift for anyone. It is very useful and practical. I love ours. My step-dad and father-in-law both enjoyed getting them for Christmas.
Pivot Power - Articulated Power Strip
I hope you enjoy shopping through these geeky sale items and finding just the right thing for your nerd. Share in the comments below what you bought for your man! (Or for yourself!)