Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Toy Day - Nest Thermostat!

So, my husband just bought a Nest. You know, that fancy smartphone controlled thermostat. He has been wanting one for a long time, and has been saving his Amazon points for one. He finally decided to go for it. It just arrived and he is playing with it already. I have some things that I need help with, so I asked how long he was going to be playing with his new toy...

"It is probably going to be awhile."

Well, at least he is honest. If your guy is the type that can play with something that isn't a toy for awhile, then this might be a good gift for him. Sorry honey, I know I missed date night but I just got a new thermostat! I really want to play with that for awhile, you don't mind do you? Boys are so funny sometimes.

We had to get some paint matched because the people who lived in this house before didn't take the old thermostat off to paint behind it, and the Nest is a lot smaller than typical thermostats. I was excited about this because there was another spot that has needed repairs and paint for awhile, so we finally got to it. Everyone wins!

He likes the idea of this thermostat because of several reasons:

  • It is a fun new piece of technology. Of course he wants it.
  • It turns the air conditioner compressor off before it stops blowing air. It doesn't need to be on the entire time because it stays cold for a little while after it turns off. This is particularly exciting to us because that is likely the part of the air conditioner to break next which will probably make it so we need to finally replace the whole thing. I imagine this would extend the life of any air conditioner unit.
  • Instead of just having a set timer of when to turn on and off the Nest can learn when to turn on based on what temperature you want it to be at a certain time. It does something so that it saves energy anyway.
  • If you forgot to turn the a/c or heat off when you left the house you can do it while you're gone from your phone. This is particularly useful if you leave the house expecting to only be gone for a few minutes but then decide to stay out longer. 
  • It can learn! You can set the Nest to watch trends about usage and such so it will learn when you are home, when you turn the settings a certain way and then adjust to those things to save energy. 
I'm not sure of all the other details yet. He will use it for awhile and then tell me all about how great it is and I will write a full Nest review. I might not see my husband for the rest of the night, but at least we will get a pretty interesting product review about it!

Let us know what you think about all these new Smart products in the comments below! Do you have a Nest? Do you love it?