Friday, January 24, 2014

A Hassle-Free Affordable Printer that Works!

After working in an office for four years I developed a healthy hatred for printers. I even owned one for a couple years, though can only remember using it a couple times because, as you well know, printers never work properly. This comic sums up my feelings about printers.

So when my dear husband announced to me that we needed to get a printer I was concerned. I understand the desire for the idea of a printer. It would be nice to be able to print things conveniently and cheaply. I thought it would be nice to print recipes for my collection, tax forms to bring to the tax guy, or whatever else comes up randomly. But surely, buying a printer is a waste of money! Right?

The Printer that Actually Works

He agreed that buying a printer is a dangerous risk indeed and started doing research. He ended up researching printers more than just about any piece of technology he has purchased. Other than avoiding the common situation of buying a printer and then never using it because of the cost and endless frustrations involved, he had several other specifications that he wanted met.

·         Google Cloud Print – He wanted it to be compatible with Google Cloud Print. He explained that this means it can print from your Google Drive (documents and spreadsheets and such that you can save to your email account, basically) right through your email. And, it means that you can print from anywhere in the world to your home computer. I guess this would be helpful if one of us is far away and the other person needs something from our email printed? It seemed important to him, so why not?
·         Air Print – This means that you can print from any Apple device. This is especially useful to him to print from his iPad Mini, MacBook, iPhone and any other gadget I don't know about.
·         Duplex Printing – It can print on both sides of a piece of paper all by itself. So you don't have to figure out if you need to load the paper back in face down or face up to get it to print on the back. (I always guess wrong.)
·         Wireless – Desk space is a hot commodity for any guy who loves technology, and printers are big. They are probably the only type of electronic device that doesn't get smaller and better over time. Our printer lives in the closet with the modem, router and other things with flashing lights.
·         Low Cost Per Page – I thought of it in terms of, why would I print a coupon if it cost more to print it than the amount of money I will save on ground beef? It also seems pointless to print something if it costs less to drive to Kinkos and have them print it out there.
·         Ink Jet – I don't know much about the difference between Ink Jet and Laser printers, but since we don't print very much he didn't think it was worth it to spend extra money to get a laser printer.
·         Single Feature – It is surprising how hard it is to find a printer that isn't also a scanner-copier-fax-coffee-pot-all-in-one. Who uses fax machines anyway? He already has a scanner (here is a link to the cool scanner he already has) and we didn't need a bunch of extras that we would never use.

After much diligence he found the one! This printer can do it all. Much to my shock and delight, it actually works. I hit print, and it prints. When it runs out of paper I add more and then it prints what I asked it to. I've never seen it print that page of Wingding happy faces and hearts or even an ink test page. It does good work and even functions without jams using cheap paper we bought at Walmart.

I am very happy to say that I don't hate this printer, and the best part is that he likes it, too. He does not approve of technology that doesn't work properly and will fidget with it until it does. This printer has been perfect ever since we got it. He did put a lot of work in to finding it, but it was all worth it in the end because he found the one printer that is actually worth buying.

A Printer as a Gift?

Okay, a printer isn't exactly exciting, fun or romantic. It meets more of a need than a want, but one that actually works correctly is a rare gift indeed. I suggest this printer for anyone who needs to do at home printing, anyone who has always wanted a printer but is tired of the frustration that comes with bad ones, and someone who is going off to college. This printer works even right before deadlines. (Many evil printers stop working right before term papers are due.)

As for occasions to give this as a gift, going off to school as stated above, a birthday or Christmas gift for someone who is more practical than emotional about presents, starting a new job etc. It is also a good add on gift for someone getting a first computer.

What is Included

This printer comes with everything he will need to get started. No need to run out for cables, paper or ink. The paper pack it comes with is just a sample pack so that is the first thing that will be needed. It is nice sample paper, though. The ink it comes with can print about 1000 pages, but when you need more you can buy whichever one you need here.

Enjoy the fruits of my husband's weeks of research about printers. Buy one that actually works and enjoy it for years to come!