Thursday, January 30, 2014

Even the Guardians of Peace and Justice Need to Relax Sometimes

Star Wars Jedi & Sith Bath Robes
A Gift for Lounging, Warmth, and Lightsaber Battles

I found one of the most difficult gifts to select for my man was a wedding present. We had decided to exchange gifts after our wedding ceremony, so I went in search of wedding gift ideas for men on the internet. One idea that I found was to write him a letter every day leading up to the wedding about my thoughts and feelings. I did this (yay free gift!) and he actually really liked it.

I wasn't impressed with the other ideas that my search turned up. A lot of sites suggested I get adult style pictures taken of myself and give them to him. I knew he respected me too much to want something like that, and I wasn't at all interested anyway. I looked at knives, but I couldn't figure out exactly which one he would want. Finally I came across these Star Wars Jedi & Sith Bath Robes.

A bathrobe is personal enough to make a good wedding present. It is appropriate for a man. It is something he will use frequently. And, since it is a Jedi robe (complete with hood and emblem) it gives it the extra touch that makes it a thoughtful gift. He liked it right away, used it on our honeymoon, and still uses it often. Sometimes he uses it because he wants to warm up, or while he is dressing after a shower. But sometimes he just pretends he is a Jedi and walks around with a Lightsaber. (I will post about those soon.)

I asked him if he actually likes his robe, and why. He said:

"It's warm and soft and I look like a Jedi."

What more could a man want, really?

The quality is very good, especially for the price. It has held up really well. It really is very soft. The sleeves have bigger cuffs for a real Jedi look. The hood is a really nice touch for extra cold days, or for looking like a real Jedi, of course. Sometimes prop type items like this are made of low quality material and depend on their novelty to sell. (Like kids' Halloween costumes.) This is not at all one of those times. This is a really great bathrobe that just happens to look like Obi'Wan Kenobi might wear it.

Also, don't worry. If your man is more of a Dark Side kind of guy, there is also a Sith bathrobe available. The Jedi robe is brown and has the symbol of the Jedi Order on it and the Sith robe is black with the Imperial symbol on the chest.

Who Should I buy this for and for Which Occasions?

As I mentioned before, this was a fantastic wedding gift from the bride to the groom. Valentine's Day or anniversaries also come to mind. Really, any occasion is appropriate but it might be best to save it for those more personal ones since it is usually hard to figure out a gift to get a guy for romantic holidays.

It isn't so personal, however, that you couldn't get it for a dad, brother, or close friend who is in need of a good bathrobe. This is great for any guy who doesn't have a bathrobe or who has one that is old, falling apart and is maybe a little moldy. Why do guys keep things like that anyway? Replace it with this one and he won't even notice the old one is gone.