Monday, March 3, 2014

The Power Strip that Makes Sense

Here's another common sense idea from the people at Quirky!

You know how many electronics have those bulky block type plugs? When you plug them in to a power strip they take up at least two spots, which sort of defeats the purpose of the power strip itself. Well, the Pivot Power solves that problem! Since each outlet on this power strip rotates, they are all accessible no matter how big the item is that is plugged in next to it. 

My husband bought two of the regular Pivot Power outlets. One is black and the other is white. I love this product! Oh, and so does my husband. It makes all the power cords so much easier to organize. It just makes sense. He loves it because he can plug everything in with no hassle. Plugging in electronics is important to him.

The Pivot Power Junior has four outlets instead of six. It takes up a little less space, which can sometimes be nice if you don't need more than four things plugged in.

The Green Pivot Power is usually marketed for Christmas time for use behind trees or to get all those lights plugged in properly. But, if green is his favorite color, go for it any time of year!

We bought the Pivot Power 2x3 for his dad for Christmas. The workshop version of the Pivot Power is especially helpful for plugging in power tools and has a nice long cord that wraps around it when not in use. This saves storage space in the garage. This version is bright yellow and black, to give it a nice industrial safety type look. 

The Pivot Power Genius looks really great, though we haven't used it personally yet. I'm sort of surprised he hasn't asked for one. He loves controlling everything with his smart phone. The video below shows more details about it, but the general idea is that you can control each item that is plugged in to it with your smart device through a mobile app. So even if you haven't bought any of the Hue Light Bulbs, which can be controlled through an app, that's okay! You can turn a lamp on or off if it is plugged in to the Pivot Power Genius.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your frustrations with power strips? Please share any thoughts with us in the comments below!