Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Learn to be a Jedi ... or Sith

Okay, so now your husband / boyfriend has the Jedi Robe and the Lightsaber. (Maybe he even has the Death Star Tea Infuser for good measure.) He is starting to think he is a real Jedi, but he hasn't done any real training! He's not even a Padawan at this point. So, if he wants to learn the ways of The Force, but you'd rather have him skip that awkward "Jedi Mullet" stage they all go through (or even the Padawan Rat-Tail phase) then the best way to get him educated is through The Jedi Path. It is a handbook for Jedi (or Sith).

Colorful pictures and a side note from Yoda.

Signatures from all the Jedi who use their own handwriting to write notes in this book.

My husband was first attracted to The Jedi Path book because of the fact that it is written from the perspective of his favorite Star Wars heroes. It is something that Yoda, Obi'Wan and all the rest wrote in to pass down their notes to future Jedi. In fact, it even has notes with different handwriting representing different Jedi. There are attractive colorful pictures, which makes any book more interesting and easy to follow.

This picture shows the famous Padawan Rat Tail as depicted in The Jedi Path book.

"The Book of Sith" has a whole different look and feel to it. The author did a great job of making each one appropriate to the audience. They are hardcover books and have an option to get a "Vault Edition" which comes in a neat box.

 The Book of Sith still has great pictures and hand written notes, but the design and even the paper itself are geared towards the Dark Side.

A page from the Book of the Sith.

The Bounty Hunter Code book is the newest in this series, and the price hasn't come down as much yet because it is new. (This is also the only one that I haven't looked at personally, and that my husband hasn't tried out, but it is the same author so it has promise.)

These books are a great gift idea for any guy in your life who is trying to learn to use The Force. The official reading age the book gives is "10 and up" and my husband agrees that sounds about right. As with most nerdy gifts, these are really exciting for boys of any age, from 10 to adult. Star Wars fans are ageless.

What do you think? Will your guy enjoy reading through these books? Have you ever read these or any like them? Share with us in the comments section below!