Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Skewers for the Grill Master

For the Grilling Guy in Your Life

We have recently found out that making kebabs, or just skewering everything is one of the easiest ways to get food cooked on the grill. It adds to the flavor and makes the meat cook faster because it is cut in to smaller pieces. It also makes eating pleasant because there isn't as much cutting at the table. 

So of course, if there is a job to be done then there is a tool for it! -Says every guy ever. These metal skewers from Quirky are a great tool for grilling. This set is all metal. They are durable, we have used ours several times. They are strong and convenient. 

Part of the convenience is in the slider. When the food is ready the metal slider can be pushed down to remove all the food on to the plate. Please don't do it like in the picture though. As I said, these are all metal, and if they have been on a hot grill then obviously you will burn your hands. 

We like to pack all the food on to the four skewers (each set comes with four) cook it, and then slide it all off in to a serving dish for everyone to share. I suppose you could put one skewer on each person's plate, but they are pretty big and hold a lot of food.

Because of the all metal design these skewers also work great in the oven. 

Sounds great, who should I buy it for?
These skewers make a really nice gift for anyone who likes to grill-especially that guy who has all the special grilling equipment and that apron that says something obnoxious on the front. They will like to show these off to all their friends. These are also a nice gift for the chef. As mentioned above, they work great in the oven as well. Anyone who likes to prepare food will appreciate the genius design of these skewers.

Worth Mentioning...
Quirky put out a similar product but the sliders and handles are plastic. We do not have those, but as I suspected, many of the other reviews I've read have said that they melt. I'm not surprised. The product description says they are heat resistant, and some of the other reviews are great. (Plastic shown below and linked here.)

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have you used the plastic or the metal version of these skewers? How did they work out for you, or for your man? Share with us in the comments below!