Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Show Dad How, for Aspiring Fathers

Instruction Manual with Pictures for the New Dad

Parenting should be fun, or at least not scary. The unknown is the scariest thing there is, so if your guy is a little nervous about this whole "being a dad" thing, get him this book to ease his troubled mind. 

This book, Show Dad How is of course meant to be entertaining, but also has some interesting tips and helpful ideas for men who know nothing at all about being a father. The pictures are cute and funny. There is a part of each section that shows which tools are needed for each job, which is perfect for men. 

It starts out from the very beginning, showing men how they can tell if they are ready to become a dad. Then it gives some tips on how to make that happen. It then progresses through each stage of pregnancy, including how to tell if she is pregnant, and how to make the announcement. There is a useful 40 week plan for what needs to get done when during the pregnancy.

Then it has useful tips about how to deliver a baby during the zombie apocalypse or other such common situations. It gives tips about what gear any dad needs to be prepared, and what to do with the baby once she arrives. 

This is a really fun gift idea for men who want to be dads, who just found out they are going to be one, or who find parenting to be an adventure. Check it out for Father's Day or for a gift to give the new dad at the hospital. 

What do you think? Would this make a great gift for your guy? Mine really likes his but I want to know what your thoughts are, share in the comments below!