Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nerdy Dad

Binary Dad
As I was making a list of items to pack in our hospital bag (new baby on the way) I realized that my husband will need a change of clothes. I saw this as a fun gift opportunity. He wears t-shirts a lot, so I figured a nerdy shirt that would suit the occasion and be good for every day use would be perfect. 

This shirt says "DAD" in binary. (For the non-geeks out there, binary is a computer code language made up of 1's and 0's.) As soon as I saw it I figured he would like it for a few reasons. His friend has a LED Binary Clock that he really gets a kick out of, so I thought he might think this is funny, too. Another reason is that although it announces that he is a dad, it isn't the typical cheesy "World's best dad" shirt that you see everywhere. It is a little more subtle. And, it is nerdy.

When he first opened the gift I thought he could read the binary because he said, "Does this say Dad?" But then I realized the sticker on the bag said, "Binary Dad" with the shirt size. He still likes it, and it will be fitting for him to wear holding the new baby. It is probably one of those things where his guy friends will ask about the shirt before they ask about the baby.

Cute Gift
This is a great gift for a slightly geeky new dad, or any proud nerd dad. It would probably even be a fantastic way to tell your husband that you're pregnant. At least he gets a door prize!

If you are also on the nerdy side and want to make this a fun family geek gift, they have a Binary Mom shirt and a Binary Kid shirt as well. Lots of people like to put all of them on together for pictures at the hospital. We like dressing alike because we are corny like that and we think it is funny, so it works out really well for that sort of thing.
Binary Kid

Binary Mom

(Here is a picture of that clock in case that sounded interesting as well.)LED Binary Clock

Do you think this sounds like a good gift idea for a new dad? What did you get your husband as a new baby present? Share with us in the comments below!