Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lego Star Wars Microfighters

When something is a small version of a big thing, that means that it is cute. The smaller it is compared to the big thing the cuter it is. (Aww baby otters!)

Lego has decided to take advantage of the power of shrinking things to make them cute by developing Star Wars Microfighters. These little sets have fewer than 100 pieces but are a whole ship from the movies.

My husband spotted them at Target one day and asked me if he could have one as if he was a small child. He was so excited. He even wanted to get me one...really it is his and he just wanted an excuse to buy more than one. (He did let me build it though!)

We got the cute little X-Wing and the Milennium Falcon. Each one comes with a mini-figure and has flick missiles to make playing more fun. 
There are several different adorable sets for Rebels or Imperials. 

The TIE Fighter and the Star Destroyer are probably next on the list for me to buy for my husband because then he can have epic tiny space battles.

Since these are under 10 dollars each, they make great gifts for just about any occasion and for anyone. They aren't too difficult for kids, but are a lot of fun once they are put together. Lego or Star Wars fans will really appreciate these.