Tuesday, April 1, 2014

iPad Mini Review

What is that? A big phone? A tablet? 

When I first saw the iPad Mini I thought it didn't make much sense as a size because people would either use their phone for portability or their regular iPad because it is bigger and easier to see things. My husband had a regular iPad so I figured that was good enough. He changed his mind!

He sold his iPad to a friend and bought the Apple iPad mini with Retina Display ME277LL/A 7.9-Inch 32 GB Tablet. It is about the same size as a Kindle Paperwhite but a little heavier. It fits in my purse whenever he wants to bring it some place but doesn't feel like carrying it.

"Retina Display" basically means that it has a sharper image and that you can't see the pixels. Men think they can notice the difference, so it is important. Most say once they've had retina display they don't want to go back to not having it because the old way looks worse.

This model comes in black or white, but cases are sold separately to make it different colors. 

Another option you'll notice when shopping for this for your man is Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi plus a certain cell phone carrier. If you get the regular Wi-Fi one then it can connect to the internet where ever wireless is available. If you get it plus a certain cell phone carrier then it will be able to connect anywhere that there is cell phone service, but it will come with a monthly contract just like a cell phone. I guess in that way it pretty much is a big iPhone.

This model (the retina display with 32GB version) is more expensive than I would have thought, but there are cheaper ones. Here are a couple options if you don't want to spend so much:

This one has 32GB of memory, and Wi-Fi without a service contract, but doesn't have retina display.
This one has less memory (16GB) and Wi-Fi without a service contract, and no retina display. Kind of a basic model.

He loves this one though. He uses it to read sometimes when he knows he will need a computer as well as a book, then he doesn't have to double up and bring the kindle. Plus I think it has some magic where he can read a book on it, and then listen to the audio version of the same book on his phone and it automatically updates so he doesn't have to find his spot. 

The size is more convenient for holding and typing than a regular iPad. It is easy to use, easy to carry, and great to have around. 

What do you think? Do you have or like any of the iPads? Share with us in the comments below!