Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lego Marvel Video Game Review

My husband has loved Legos since he was a kid. He has played several of the Lego console games that have come out, and even though they are pretty easy "button mashing" games as I like to call them, he still has fun.

We played the Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga game together and that was mostly fun. (I had trouble with the pod racing level.) 

He played the Lego City Undercover game, which is only single player, and he enjoyed that. I liked watching it sometimes because just like with all Lego games, it is really "punny." 

We started playing the Lego Marvel game together and enjoyed the combinations of different characters from all the movies. The funny puns were there, and the story line was cute. Basically, it is a Lego game. If you've played one before you kind of know what to expect. Smash things and collect blocks. Kill the bad guys, solve little problems to pass certain areas, use the right character to get through the right spots, and then go back and play it all over again on Free Play.

The only thing we didn't particularly like about the Lego Marvel game was the multi-player. I've never seen another Lego game do this before, but it has some really weird split screen action going on when the characters weren't right next to each other. Then when they were together it would rotate the split section so it was dizzying to follow. There is so much going on in these games that it is hard to do a split screen, and I think the way they did it wasn't very good. I soon quit and just let him complete the campaign alone.

But, this game is fun (for single player), it incorporates all the Marvel movie characters and stories really well and is entertaining both by way of dialogue and action. As mentioned above, this is a button mashing game, by that I mean that anyone can pick it up and not know what the buttons do but still have fun. Just keep pressing one over and over and you'll probably kill your fair share of bad guys. 

It is a kids game, and the ease of game play reflect that, but the jokes are probably lost on most youth. Adults and kids alike will enjoy this game if they have any interest in video games, Lego, comic book movies, or all of those. 

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Have you played this game? What did you think of the multi-player function? Share with us in the thoughts below.