Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Hypnotic Light Cube - Named Correctly

The idea is simple enough. The Hypnotic Light Cube is a clear cube with LEDs inside that make beautiful color changing patterns. This silent light show truly is memorizing. I'm not quite sure why but it draws the eye and holds watchers captivated. It is quite relaxing to watch and zone out. 

Here is a short video with relaxing dryer noises in the background. Probably some classical piano or harp music would go better. 

My favorite thing about this cube is how much the baby likes it. He watches it and usually falls asleep or just lays there and giggles at it making his happy noises. 

This is a great gift for just about anyone on the list. From babies all the way through adults. Since it uses LEDs it will last a very long time. It is simple to use. (Plug it in and push the on/off button.) The colors are bright and vivid. I suggest it for just about anyone, especially that guy who has everything or is hard to shop for.